We’re working together with the WJCC Dems on a Post-Primary Pep Rally and Call to Action on Thursday, June 21, 7-9 pm at the Historic Triangle Community Services Center at 321 Waller Mill Rd.  Tabling available for all groups who request one. CD-1 and CD-2 candidates (and hopefully all the primary candidates) will join us to kick off campaign season 2018.  Get tickets here.
Please consider rolling up your sleeves and volunteering for this important effort.  Putting progressives in Congress is the only thing we can do to stem the tide of regressive politics and restore the rule of law in Washington. However you want to be involved, there’s a place for you.  Want to host a meet and greet in your neighborhood? Register voters? Knock doors or make calls?  Or tell us how you’d like to participate.  Use this form or call the campaign line: 833-757-2018.

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